Draw against Mladost

Within the 5th round of the League for survival, in Banja Luka Metalleghe BSI and Mladost have played a goalless match today in Banja Luka.

It was a solid match with many duels and dynamics, but goalkeepers managed to keep their goals intact. Mladost set themselves fairly defensive with the intention of reaching outright from the counterattack, while the Kings had several excellent opportunities that thanks to the imprecision and good defenses of Velić were failed to be realized.

Sulejman Smajić had the best chance in the 33 minute when he came out to Velić one on one but his shoot went over the bar and in the 89 minute after Rašić’s header, when Galić kicked the ball off the goal line.

Although the Kings did not celebrate they hold their fate in their legs with this result, as in the next two rounds Vitez and Olimpic will come to the City Stadium in Banja Luka.


BANJA LUKA – City Stadium. Spectators: 300

Judge: Haris Kaljanac (Sarajevo)

Assistants: Moamer Caušević (Sarajevo) and Dragan Keranovic (Prijedor)

Delegate: Samir Ćupina (Sarajevo)

Metalleghe BSI: Fejzić, Benović, Jovanović, Aletić ( 86.- Vidaković), Smajić ( 69.-Kovač), Zeba, Vidović, Beganović ( 59.-Jakupović), Rašić, Sarić, Jozić.

Mladost: Velić, Galić, Laštro, Kuzmanović, Musić, Šišić (67-Sušić), Maksimović (89-Husić), Šećerović, Brkić, Ramović, Isaković.

Yellow cards: Zeba, Benović (Metalleghe BSI), Šećerović, Brkić (Mladost)


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