A new draw

Metalleghe BSI and Vitez in the 6th round of the play-off game in Banja Luka played a non-goal match – 0:0.

The first half of the match in Banja Luka brought the complete dominance of Metalleghe BSI. “Domestic” created several dangerous opportunities before the goal of Vitez. Mirza Kovač, who had three good attempts, exclaimed most, but could not score the goal. It should also be noted that Deak had a chance after the corner, but he was also imprecise. Vitez did not do anything in the first 45 minutes before the opposing bout and they decided to play this match for a draw. Aletić was injured in the first half of the game and Smajić entered the game instead. However, he played only 13 minutes because he had to leave the game due to injury.

The continuation of this match did not offer much but a couple of double-edged starts. The kings again threatened after the break but without any concrete effect.Vidović had the best chance in injury time but his header was excellently saved by Nwokolor.

Metalleghe BSI: Fejzić, Benović, Jovanović, Aletić (46-Smajić, 59-Tankuljić), Kovač (78-Jakupović), Zeba, Vidović, Deak, Beganović, Rašić, Sarić.

Metalleghe BSI on the table has 28 points and Vitez has 26 points. In the next round, the Kings welcome Olimpic but weakened because today the third yellow card was given to Sarić, Jovanović and Zeba.


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