The Kings start their preparations

Today, coach Romeo Šapina, with his assistents Jurinovic and Serdar, has conducted the role call of players as an introduction to the King’s preparation period. After that,  the first training followed, we tested the footballers who came on trial.

The first training was attended by players who remained in the Metalleghe BSI or were wearing the jersey of the Kings in the recent seasons: Smajić, Tankuljić, Aščić, Goloman (Travnik), Radulović (Orašje), Opardija (Split), Marin (Kozara), novice Nikola Anđelković – goalkepper of Drina, juniors Pervić, Samardzic, Dramac, Kablic, D. Cosic and A. Cosic. Justifiably absent from the first gathering were Pljevljak (Bosna Sema), Fejzić (Bosnia Sema) and Kukavica (Sloboda MG).

In the following days, mostly young footballers will try to try to stay in Jajce in probation matches. The next day there are two training sessions, and a physical training test.


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