Radnik heavily defeated

Metalleghe BSI defeated the local team Radnik from Donji Vakuf with a convincing score of 6:1.

Coach Romeo Sapina decided to play another test match as the start of the spring season in the First League was postponed. The Kings were extremely effective especially in the second part of the match when they scored five goals.

The Kings started with the following line-up: Kukrika, Kukavica E., Marković, Hreljić, Bevanda, Opardija, Hota, Smajić, Tankuljić, Samardžić and Vujica. The Kings won the first half 1:0 and the scorer was experienced Sulejman Smajić.

In the second part, Muratspahic, Pavlovic, Malbasic, Haračić, Pljevljak, Bevanda and Alispahic entered the game instead of Kukrika, Samardzic, Tankuljić, Smajic, Kovac, E.Kukavica and Vujica. Our team showed enviable efficiency and the goals were scored by Haračić, Pavlović(2), and Malbasic.


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