Activities of our youth teams

The members of the Youth team of Metalleghe BSI, together with their educated trainers, had a number of other activities in the previous period besides their usual matches.

After joining the cleaning of Pliva Lake, the youngest members of the Club participated in the celebration of the Day of Europe in Jajce and thus once again demonstrated that besides acquiring the soccer skills they want to get the habits that will contribute to the more beautiful and better Jajce.

Fotografija NK Metalleghe BSI.

Subsequently, representatives of sports clubs operating in the Jajce area visited the project “Improving communication skills of teachers in the function of preventing peer violence” in the elementary Berta Kučera. The kings were represented by coach Anel Omerinović and player Ivan Tankuljić, who presented the club’s work, accentuating students to the sport as the need of today for all and many factors that have a negative impact on our life and health …

Fotografija NK Metalleghe BSI.

The competing part was especially successful for our youngest selections and pioneers appearing in the League SBK / KSB. After they celebrated in Bugojno against the leader Sportprevent, who had won every match so far, last Wednesday on Pirota they played the remaining match of the youngest selections. The kings were again more successful than Travnik and strengthened their positions at the top of the table. The youngest selection won 1:0 – Ivan Vujeva. Pioneers won 8:0 – Luka Jakešević 2 ×, Josip Cosic, Robert Marijanović, Petar Čavar, Marko Bogic, Petar Šarić, Antonio Miketa 1 goal.

Fotografija NK Metalleghe BSI.

Even though the competition season is in the end, entry into all youth club selections is constantly ongoing and everyone who wants to fulfill their dreams and becomes King can come to Club premises located in the Sports Hall or get more information via phone 030 654 301.



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