Summary of the youth selections

In the 2017/2018 season, NK Metalleghe BSI had four competitive selections. The youngest selection, pioneers, cadets and juniors.

The youngest selection and pioneers performed in the Youth League SBK / KSB Group A, while cadets and juniors played in the Youth League of the FBiH Center Group B.

Cadets won 9th place at the end of the season with 20 points – score 6 2 12 24:39, while juniors were 5th with 34 points – score 11 1 8 39:32.

The youngest selection had a great season especially in the spring, where they have not been defeated, and they only managed to defeat the first-placed Sportprevent. At the end of the season they won 2nd place with 29 points – score 9 2 3 44:17. And the pioneers played very well, in the end they finished in third place with 34 points – score 11 1 4 53:18.


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