The Kings celebrate their ninth birthday

NK Metalleghe BSI was founded on August 6, 2009, in the desire that the club keeps the tradition of football in the town of Jajce. The club appeared on the sports scene when Jajce’s sport had fallen to the lowest level since it existed.

In recent years, the popular Kings have recorded many athletic achievements, overcome various sports challenges and pursued the basic goal – the development of the youth academy of football. The just-played tournament for the youngest boys guarantees that Jajce will continue to train and produce good footballers.

In the past nine years, the club can boast of being one of the rare ones to reach the highest rank of BiH football from its lowest rank. All of these achievements could not have been achieved without the great support of the club’s chief sponsor, BSI d.o.o. which operates within the Metalleghe group. However, to remain at this level, many other supporting segments, and above all, good infrastructure, are needed.

The club is hoping that the tenth birthday will be welcomed in much better infrastructure conditions that will give the impulse behind the achievement of the set goals.

NK Metalleghe BSI is grateful to all fans of football that have contributed to the club in the past period to be a part of the sports map in BiH and in the region.


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