Marko Sušac new signing

Experienced 30-year-old goalkeeper Marko Sušac is a nwe signing of NK Metalleghe BSI.

This Mostar-born player had a rich career, he played, amongs others, for Zrinjski, Borac (Banja Luka), Kamen Ingrad, Varaždin, GOŠK, Vasalund … and arrived in Jajce from the Swedish Newrosa.

“Since I reside in Ljubuski I joined the preparations of Metalleghe BSI. The team is young with several experienced players and with the work of goalkeepers coach Almir Tolja, I have been convinced in the past few days. I quickly reached an agreement with the President of the Club and the Sports Director and signed the contract. I will be a resident of Jajce for the next half season, “Sušac emphasized.


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