Introducing Magdalena a football player

The youth selections of the King have 160 members and among them is a Queen.

It is Magdalena Brtan – Magi, a 15 year old girl from Jajce who is equally training on Mračaj with her peers!

Magdalena was born on January 10, 2004 in Jajce and she is in the 9th grade of “13. September”. We have asked the popular Magi how did she start to play football.

“Before I went to elementary school I was attracted by the games of my peers, whose main motivation was football. I started to play with them and there was love for the black and white ball which still lasts today. Since there is no female football club in Jajce, I did not have adequate training, but this changed last year and here I train with my peers at NK Metalleghe BSI, for which I thank them so much. Unfortunately, I can not play for male selections, so I’m registered for the Žnk Iskra Bugojno for whose cadets selection I play in the league competition. I hope that Jajce will soon form a women’s soccer club, “said Magdalena Brtan.

Otherwise, Magdalena plays in midlefield as well as her favourite football player Luka Modric. Except for the Kings Magdalena is a passionate fan of Barcelona.


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