Beća new coach

The Kings will  be led by the new coach, Damir Beca, from now on.

He will be assisted by Almir Tolja and former BiH national team member Asim Hrnjic. He arrived in Jajce from Hadzici where he led Radnik in the first six rounds. In his coaching career, Beća also coached Capljina, Goražde, while Hrnjic had his last job in Zenica’s Celik.

“I decided to accept the invitation of Metalleghe BSI because I know that it is an extremely organized club with great potential. I know that the King’s scoring balance is not satisfactory and I hope that the seventh round will start a positive streak. We have a lot of hard work and a big challenge ahead of us, ”Damir Beca said shortly after arriving in Jajce.

Beca got acquainted with the players today and then did his first training session with his staff at Mračaj. His debut will be on Saturday when Bratstvo from Gracanica will play in Jajce.


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