Statements from Beća and Haračić

Although everyone was expecting an easy victory for Olimpik, the Kings played a brave, combative and good game in Sarajevo and brought one point in Jajce.

Although there is some regret for the missed lead and the goal scored in the finish, the point scored still brings the necessary dose of confidence, which has been shaken by poor results in the course of the championship so far.

“The guys respected most of the stuff we agreed to in the locker room and I think this point was well deserved. Although we performed without four standard players we did not look for an alibi, we knew we could get a positive result. I congratulate the team on the game, but this point will only be of value if we confirm it by winning the next match against GOŠK, “said after the match Damir Beca, the head of the staff who arrived at this position before the game against Bratstvo which was played in the last round.

When he arrived in Jajce, Beća took an ungrateful job, “rolled up his sleeves” with his associates and insisted on increased work in the period between the matches against Bratstvo and Olimpik.

“Although the hosts took the lead early we did not lose hope, we continued to play according to the instructions of the coaches. With a good game we reversed the result, withstood the pressure from the hosts and finished with a point which I believe will be a turning point in the continuation of the autumn part of the championship. It is up to us to continue to work better and with more hard work by next Saturday a positive result will not be missed, captain Dzenan Haracic emphasized.

In the duel in Sarajevo Metalleghe BSI performed without seriously injured Bevanda and Zekic, slightly injured Besagic, and Kovac who has accumulated three yellow cards. The Kings play against GOŠK on Mračaj in the next round.


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