Spring half-season schedule – seniors

After a two-month break, the Kings will start preparing for the continuation of the first league season on 15.01.2020. .

The spring part of the season will be opened on 3/7/20/2020. against  Gorazde on Mračaj.

16. round:07.03.2020.-15,00
Metalleghe BSI-Goražde

17. round:14.03.2020.-15,00
Bihać: Jedinstvo -Metalleghe BSI

18. round:21.03.2020.-15,00
Metalleghe BSI-Zvijezda Gradačac

19. round:28.03.2020.-15,30
Metalleghe BSI-Rudar Kakanj

20. round:04.05.2020.-16,00
Banovići: Budućnost – Metalleghe BSI

21. round:11.04.2020.-16,30
Metalleghe BSI-TOŠK Tešanj

22. round:18.04.2020.-16,30
Gračanica: Bratstvo -Metalleghe BSI

23. round:25.04.2020.-17,00
Metalleghe BSI-Olimpik

24. round:03.05.2020.-17,00
Gabela: GOŠK-Metalleghe BSI

25. round:09.05.2020.-17,00
Metalleghe BSI-Orašje

26. round:17.05.2020.-17,30
Hadžići: Radnik – Metalleghe BSI

27. round:20.05.2020.-17,30
Metalleghe BSI- Slaven

28. round:23.05.2020.-17,30
Travnik – Metalleghe BSI

29. round:30.05.2020.-17,30
Metalleghe BSI-Igman

30. round:06.06.2020.-17,30
Čapljina – Metalleghe BSI


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