The continuation of the league

According to the decisions of the Executive Board of the Football Federation of the Federation of BiH, the second part of the competition in the leagues of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 2019/2020 competitive season begins according to the following schedule:

–  First  league of  FBiH – 07/08.03.2020.

– Second league of FBiH group “North”, “Center”, “West” and “South” – 14/15.03.2020. 

–  First women’s   league of   FBiH  group „South“ – 14/15.03.2020. 

–  First women’s   league of   FBiH  group „North“ – 21/22.03.2020. 

– Youth  league of   BiH “Center A” – 14/15.03.2020. 

–  Youth league of   BiH “Center B” – 07/08.03.2020. 

–  Youth league of   BiH “South” – 21/22.03.2020. 

– First futsal league of FBiH – 01/02.02.2020.  


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