Interview – Sulejman Smajić

Last year, Sulejman Smajic was appointed sports director of NK Metalleghe BSI.

Smajic is a footballer with a very rich football career, during which he played for some of the biggest BiH clubs. He has been in Jajce since 2016 and has played in the past with success for Zrinjski, Željezničar, Dender, Lokeren… At the height of his football career, he played for the BiH national team. The logical sequence was his appointment to the position of sports director of the Kings.

  • After a rich playing career, a new challenge arrived. How do you handle it?

“Certainly the retirement from a playing career for anyone who, from his earliest boyhood days, focused only on the football pitch, is in some way a shock. I did not see myself in the coaching waters and thanks to Mr. Dekic, the club president who recognized my experience and hired me, retirement from active play did not produce any negative consequences for me. By the way, 2019 has been a turning point for me in both my sports and private life. I crowned my multi-year relationship with marriage, so I now have a significantly different perception of life’s challenges. For the past half-season, I have focused on challenging jobs that bring in some new challenges every day, trying to absorb them and find the best solution. ”

  • What is the difference between a football and current career?

“Well, I have to emphasize that it was much easier to play than now. On the field you make decisions that may be good or bad but are mostly quickly forgotten. Outside of the pitch, the decisions are more time-consuming, whether positive or negative… Even though I was temperamental while I played, I still get more angry now, I do not tolerate failure. ”

  • The winter transfer market is underway, what activities have you undertaken so far and will there be any new names on Mračaj?

“This is the second transfer period since I am in the position of sports director. This one is certainly more specific than the summer one, and there are fewer quality players with “free papers”. I think bringing Alispahic, Vujica and Vulic and keeping Hasanhodzic is a good assessment, which was made in a team approach in consultation with the president and coach. For us, the transfer deadline is not over yet, we are looking for one or two quality players that will help us overcome the spring challenges adequately. ”

  • You forgot to mention another new player at the preparations in Ljubuski, yourself. Where did the return to the football field come from?

“It was because of the specifics of the winter trasnfer market that I mentioned at the request of Coach Beća that I join the training process. The common opinion, endorsed by President Dekic, is that in the next half-season, if necessary, with adequate playing time with regard to my age, I will transfer my experience on the field as well. I would like to emphasize that the President in Ljubuski traditionally provided us with excellent working conditions, we have top hosts from Hotel Bigeste and now it is up to the whole team to justify such investments and trust with the utmost serious approach, “said 35-year-old Sulejman Smajic, who against Ljubuski in his first appearance back from retirement scored against the opposition.


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