Brotnjo defeated

The Kings played their third control game today as a part of their preparations.

At the stadium Babovac they played against Brotnjo and won 3: 1. The scorers for Metalleghe BSI were Besagic, Vulic and Haracic.

The next test match in Ljubuski is scheduled for Saturday, February 15, 2020 against Radnik from Hadzici.

The Kings started with the following line-up: Ćeman, Mehić, Kovač, Vulić, Danilović, Kremenović, Kapetan, Haračić, Peno, Bešagić, Tankuljić. Also played: Alispahić, Vujica, Samardžić, Smajić, Brtan, Tomazić and Nenad.

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