Radnik also defeated

Today, the Kings played their fourth match during their preparations in Ljubuški.

Metalleghe BSI defeated Radnik from Hadzici 1-0, with Ivan Tankuljic scoring the only goal after a brilliant double pass and assist from Haracic.

The Kings started with the following line-up: Trako, M. Mehić, Alispahić, Vulić, Danilović, Kremenović, Bešagić, Samardžić, A. Mehić, Haračić, Tankuljić. Also played: Smajić, Kovač, Jolović, Peno, Brtan, Tomazić and Nenad.

After the match, the team headed for Jajce, ending their two-week stay in Ljubuski. The next match for the Kings will be on 02/22/2020. in Derventa against Tekstilac.


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