High victory

In the final test match played on Saturday in Donji Vakuf, the Kings defeated Mosevac from Maglaj, a member of the Second League Center, 7-1.

Interestingly, seven different players scored for the Kings: Kapetan, Haracic, Besagic, Vujica, Samardzic, Jolovic and Amar Mehic.

The Kings began the match with the following line-up: Ceman, M. Mehic, Alispahic, Danilovic, Vulic, Kapetan, Kremenovic, Besagic, Haracic, Vujica and Tankuljic. Also played: Kovac, Samardzic, M. Mehic, Smajic, Jolovic, Peno and Nenad.

This was the eighth match of the Kings in the preparatory period, with Damir Beca’s players scoring 5 wins (Krupa 1: 0, Ljubuski 3: 1, Brotnjo 2: 0, Radnik 1: 0, Moševac 7: 1) and 3 draws ( Velez 0: 0, Neretva 0: 0, Tekstilac 2: 2).

In the first spring round of the First League of FBiH, the Kings will play against Goražde on Mračaj on 07.03.2020 on Saturday.


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