Goražde defeated

In the first spring round, the Kings defeated Goražde 2:0 on Mračaj.

A well deserved home win against the runner-up team was won after a good game, a great fight and hard work on the difficult pitch. In the first half we saw a lot of strategy, mutual mistakes, but also a lot of race and struggle. The guests showed that they are not without reason at the top of the table, but the Kings also showed that good performances in the preparatory matches were not a coincidence.

The home side pressed and the effort paid off in the second half, when reservist Culov tackled Besagic in front of the penalty area and received a second yellow and red card. Ivan Tankuljić fired a powerful and accurate free kick and Danilović nodded the ball into the net for the lead of 1-0. After tha, a nice solo action from Amar Mehic followed, whose shot was almost wide. Mahir Mehić was also sent off in the 68-th minute after receiving a second yellow card. The guests then threatened with the shots of Huseinspahic and Mirkovic. The reply came after a quick counterattack, Tankuljić crossed and Kapetan hit the post, the ball then came to Amar Mehić, who also hit the post, and in the continuation of the action, Alispahić found Haračić who scored for the final 2-0.

Metalleghe BSI – Goražde 2:0

Jajce – Stadium Mračaj. Attendance: 300.

Referee: Antonio Bandić (Grude)

Assistants: Elvir Trgovčević and Mirza Čejvanović (Tuzla)

Delegate: Željko Soko (Čapljina)

Scorers: 1:0- Danilović (64), 2:0- Haračić (75)

NK METALLEGHE BSI: Ćeman, Kremenović, Alispahić, Bešagić, Tankuljić (86.- Peno), Danilović, Haračić (84.- Smajić), M. Mehić, Vulić, Vujica (46.- A.Mehić), Kapetan. Coach: Damir Beća.

FK GORAŽDE: Poračanin, Tatar, Tutundžić, Dučić (57.- Čulov), Kurtović, Huseinspahić, Hasanović (71.- Đoković), Hrelja, Danilović, Guzijan, Mirković.

Yellow cards: Kremenović, Bešagić, Alispahić, Kapetan (Metalleghe BSI), Mirković, Danilović (Goražde)

Red cards: Mahir Mehić (68.- second yellow card), Nidal Čulov (62.- second yellow card)


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