Club history

The establishment of the club


NK Metalleghe BSI was founded on 06.8.2009.godine in order to continue keeping and nurturing the century-old tradition of football in the town of Jajce. The club appeared on the sports scene when the sport in Jajce fell to the lowest level since its existence. The founders of the club were: Nikola Bilic, Matija Lucic, Nikola Jurinović, Josip Boskovic, Jozo Lucic.

A month since the establishment the club


A month since the establishment the club has already played its first official match.The pioneers and cadets (against NK Busovaca) and seniors (against FK Kaćuni) played. All three selections competed in the cantonal leagues

In 2011. BSI Ltd. Jajce company becomes the main sponsor of the club


Committed work and success of the club was recognized in the fall of 2011 by the company BSI Ltd. Jajce owned by Italian group Metalleghe. From that moment the golden days of the club with a short but rich history started.The Club and the sponsor had a very successful collaboration in the first two years , the first team has become a stable federal second division team, while the youth teams was included in all of the competitions (pioneers, cadets and juniors).

Start of the season 2013/2014


Before the start of the season 2013/2014. news that delighted sports and community public in Jajce, and beyond, was the decision by BSI Ltd. to become the main sponsor of the club. From the very beginning of its business groups Metalleghe group Italy and BSI Ltd. Jajce as part of the group have set themselves the goal of steady growth and development while respecting basic principles, principles of economic viability, ecological sustainability and social responsibility.

Start of the season 2013/2014


Guided by the above principles, we tried, among other things, not only to support existing sports, cultural, tourism and other activities of the local and wider community, but also to recognize the potential of the individual but also the community and give the maximum contribution to their development. The result of such a business policy is the financial support to the club NK METALLEGHE BSI in order to valorize the obvious potential and the quality of the Club support the transition from amateur to professional mode and to improve the quality of the organization of the club.

2013/2014 - First great result


2013/2014 competition season brought the first great result,we won the first place in the second division group West and were promoted in the first league of the Federation. This result was additionally embellished by the juniors who won the Cup NS SBK / KSB and only in the final rounds of the Cup of BiH lost in two matches against Sarajevo.The team was officially renamed Metalleghe BSI after the end of the season. In the club we are particularly proud of the Little School football which has over 100 members.

Debut 2014/2015 season / Kup BiH


In the debut season 2014/2015 seniors have ended in sixth place and in the Cup of BiH seniors qualified to the quarter final. For all the achievements in this competition year the senior team was declared the best team in SBK / KSB for the year 2014! In early 2015, the regular session of the Assembly of the club elected a new leadership headed by President Mr. Zoran Dekić.

2015/2016 - Historical result!


Season 2015/2016 brought the historic success of the senior team. With the victory in Gorazde Metalleghe BSI in just 7 years of existence won first place in the first division of the FBiH and advanced to the highest rank of BiH football - the Premier League! In the season 2016/2017 Metalleghe BSI will be among the 12 best BiH clubs!

Season 2016/2017


In the debut season in the Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in its shortened format - League 12, the kings presented themselves very well. They defeated Celik in Zenica in the first round and also the victory over Sarajevo on Kosevo is worth mentioning, and the victory over champions zrinjski in Mostar and two victories over Široki Brijeg! However, since domestic matches had to be played again as guests in Travnik and Banja Luka, we have failed to preserve the Premier League status, although the entire sports public is in agreement that the Kings have the quality in all segments to be members of the highest rank of BiH football.